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I know that I haven't posted anything in a long time (and I'm sure you all aren't terribly upset about that, self-indulgent tripe that my journal is!) but I've been paying a lot of attention to this whole Project Chanology thing. Usually I don't care about anything that Anonymous has to say, apart from that it's usually pretty fucking funny - anyone who knows me will attest that most of what I find funny is making other people uncomfortable - but this Project Chanology thing is a new wave of awesome. I know that the bulk of Anonymous are just "rebellious" teenagers that despise pop culture, but if you look at the shit they are writing on their pickets, and the memos that they are putting out, there are obviously some intelligent people in there that have real political, religious and moral opposition to CoS (which I will henceforth spell with a $ as I find it delicious!).

I knew a little about Scientology (LRH's past, a little about Dianetics and the rejection of psych), but I've been reading more and more over the past few weeks and it's just...honestly, it's fucking hilarious that anyone could actually accept this ludicrous belief system. Add to that their abuse of the legal system (hiding behind freedom of religion, frivolous lawsuits and legal harassment of opponents etc), their money-grubbing nature (their "access fees" for higher standing in the church reek of 15th century indulgences to me) and the hilarity that Hubbard died with psychiatric medications in his body almost brings me to an orgasm of non-sexual pleasure.

I could rant on, but I won't because it's late and you're probably not interested (although I'm sure Zana is reading with delight, haha). Time for bed. Zip it up, and zip it out!

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